The International Court of Justice and Decolonisation, Co-Edited by ISOLAS Consultant Jamie Trinidad

17/02/2021 Dr Jamie Trinidad KC

Jamie Trinidad Book Cover 2

ISOLAS LLP consultant Jamie Trinidad has co-edited a book on the 2019 Chagos Advisory Opinion of the International Court of Justice, published recently by Cambridge University Press.

The contributions to this book examine the Court’s reasoning, the importance of the decision for the international system, and its consequences for the situation in the Chagos Archipelago (or “British Indian Ocean Territory”) in particular.

Jamie, a fellow, tutor and director of studies in law at Wolfson College, University of Cambridge, fellow of the Lauterpacht Centre for International Law, and practising barrister, said:

“The ICJ’s Chagos Advisory Opinion has important implications, not least for the law of decolonisation, self-determination, territory, jurisdiction and state responsibility. My co-editor (Prof. Thomas Burri) and I thought it would be a good idea to gather together a collection of essays on various aspects of the Advisory Opinion in a single edited volume, which will hopefully serve as a valuable resource for people who are interested in the case. We’re thrilled that it’s finally out in print.”

Find the new volume by clicking here.

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