Wills & Probate Lawyers

There is no right time to plan for the future, so we have a dedicated team in place who will talk you through your options whether you are a Gibraltar national or a foreign national.

Gibraltar Wills & Probate Lawyers

We aim to provide a high quality, comprehensive and competitively priced service.

A Will and Testament is a declaration of a person’s intentions as to how they wish to distribute their estate and assets. We provide detailed advice on the drawing up and execution of a will. We make things as simple as possible by understanding your needs and advising as to how best to protect your assets.

We also specialise in the administration of estates. We can assist you if you are appointed as an Executor/Administrator with the management of the assets and the settling of all debts and liabilities before the distribution of the estate.

Why Seek Legal Advice?

Administrators can become personally liable if the estate is not correctly administered, and therefore, we strongly recommend that you do seek legal advice.


Alternatively, when you make your will you may decide to appoint ISOLAS as your executors, allowing us to deal with everything upon your death and ensure that your wishes, as set out in your will, are fulfilled.


Grant of Probate

Additionally, if you have already obtained a Grant of Probate or a Grant of Letters of Administration in the United Kingdom and require re-sealing of the same here in Gibraltar to allow you to administer the Gibraltar estate, we can assist with this.


An alternative to making a will is to set up a trust. A trust allows property to be entrusted to a person with instructions to use that property for the benefit of another person or persons. If this interests you then please refer to Gibraltar Trusts.


Our expertise includes:

  • Will drafting, updating and execution
  • Planning and administration of estate
  • Re-sealing of Grants obtained in the United Kingdom
  • Trust matters including claims
  • Powers of Attorney – general, specific or enduring

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