Criminal Litigation

Our lawyers, all of whom have trained as barristers or solicitors in the UK, have particular expertise in the complex areas of criminal law, procedure and evidence. They regularly appear at all levels of courts and tribunals offering clear “no nonsense” advice to a wide client base.


We appreciate that the criminal process can be confusing, stressful and upsetting for most individuals, given the life-changing consequences that come with a potential conviction. Our clients face risks to their personal liberty, reputation, finances and their personal well-being.

The litigation team at ISOLAS offers practical and technical legal expertise to clients facing a criminal prosecution as well as those asked to provide assistance in criminal investigations and related processes. Be it a first or subsequent attendance at the police station, or any appearance at court, our criminal defence lawyers will be at your side – every step of the way.

First appearances, trial and appeals

At your first appearance at court, you will normally be asked to indicate a plea of guilty or not guilty and you can then leave the rest to ISOLAS. Depending on the offence, your matter may be heard in the Magistrates’ Court or may be allocated to the Supreme Court. For certain offences, you have a choice on where to be tried, and we will advise you as to the most appropriate court in your circumstances. Our dedicated team will advise you throughout the criminal process to alleviate the difficulties that come with a criminal trial. If you decide to plead guilty, your matter will proceed to sentencing in the appropriate court. If you plead not guilty and are subsequently convicted, you may have the opportunity to appeal your conviction and/or sentence, although you will need to act quickly and in accordance with applicable procedures to ensure your matter is dealt with in superior courts, including the Supreme Court, the Court of Appeal and the UK Privy Council.


Whether you have pleaded guilty or have been found guilty following a criminal trial and any subsequent appeals, we will advocate on your behalf on the eventual disposal of the matter in a plea in mitigation presented to the court that is passing sentence. It cannot be overstated that the manner in which a plea in mitigation is presented can have a pivotal effect on your sentence, and you want the right person to be fighting your corner. We will advocate on your behalf with the aim of ensuring that the sentence is a fair one that takes into account your individual circumstances, the circumstances surrounding the offence and the criminal process that led to sentencing. Whether we are representing you in respect of minor offences or those of a more serious nature, our criminal defence lawyers have significant experience in a broad range of offences under the Crimes Act 2011 as well as other relevant legislation imposing criminal penalties.

Attendance at the police station

Following an arrest, you will normally face a formal interview process on which we will be able to advise prior to commencement.  Alternatively, you may also be asked to offer assistance to an investigation by way of a more informal process. Whatever the case, our lawyers are available to offer clear, honest advice and give you all the guidance needed.

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