Peter J Isola Foundation

In order to commemorate and celebrate the life of the firm’s former Senior Partner, the Hon Peter J Isola OBE, who passed away on the 28th January 2006, members of ISOLAS’ law firm decided to set up The PJI Foundation, which is registered in Gibraltar as a Charitable Trust.

The main object of the Foundation is to support local charities and worthwhile causes. The firm itself has already contributed substantial funds to the Foundation, and the firm’s staff are constantly engaging in fundraising activities to generate additional resources for the Foundation. Following ISOLAS’ 125th anniversary, The PJI Foundation has launched a new website and is setting out exciting plans to give more support to important community programmes.

Throughout the year, The PJI Foundation assesses appeals for funding and makes contributions to a range of worthwhile local initiatives. The Foundation has, since its creation, donated funds to a number of local charities with the help of work done by Fiduciary and ISOLAS staff. Events carried out to help raise funds include cycling marathons, bake sales and raffles, and staff have also participated in a range of events organised by other charities.

The PJI Foundation is committed to investing in the Gibraltarian community by supporting local charitable organisations and promoting philanthropic social projects with a view to bolstering stronger support systems for the most vulnerable groups in the community, as well as fostering greater opportunities for development in the fields of education, sports and culture. To find out more please visit the pji foundation website at