Gibraltar Trademark Registration

In a digital world, protecting your IP has never been more important. We are instructed on an ongoing basis by companies and trademark lawyers worldwide to attend to their trademark and patent registration needs in Gibraltar.

Currently, origination applications to register a trademark or patent may not be made in Gibraltar. The Gibraltar Registry will only replicate successful registrations already made in a central registry such as the UK Patent Office, the European Central Registry or in a national registry of an EU country.

However, we are able to assist those wishing to register their own trademarks and patents in the UK Registry. Once an originating registration, we would then be able to extend protection to Gibraltar. We do have valued contacts with European trademark attorneys and can also assist with European trademark and patent applications.


The ISOLAS Intellectual Property team has extensive experience in all aspects of Intellectual property rights, whether in relation to trademarks, copyrights, domain names or otherwise. Our expertise includes:

  • Trademark Registrations, Renewals, Assignments & Searches
  • Changes to existing trademarks and patents
  • Registration of originating trademarks and patents in the UK registry
  • Intellectual Property Infringement


ISOLAS frequently advises clients on all types of IP matters and have particular expertise in cases of IP rights infringement.

The most common cases of infringement we currently deal with are cases of IP infringement relating to trademarks, online content and domain names.

Given that the domain name market is so active we are constantly involved in advising our clients on how to stay clear of infringement in this area.

Bad practices

There is also a highly sophisticated online gaming industry based in Gibraltar and as a result, there have been various instances of cyber-squatting, typo-squatting, diverting traffic and other forms of bad faith or undesirable practices.

There is no question that bad faith or aggressive marketing strategies lead to many cases of potential or actual infringement and related disputes, particularly as between established companies looking to stretch the boundaries of what can or cannot be done and gain a competitive advantage in their chosen marketplace.

Intellectual Property

The team is able to advise corporate clients on how to best develop their existing IP and brands in order to maximize their existing revenue streams and also advise how to exploit new avenues of income through the use of IP. Our expertise covers:

  • Advising on Trademark, Copyright and Domain name infringement
  • Domain name litigation and recovery service
  • .gi Domain name registration
  • General advice on IP rights, enforcement, regulation and development

Domain names

The IP team are specialists in domain name matters and can attend to clients’ domain name disputes, infringements, recoveries and even the local registration of .gi domains, which is a bespoke process with Gibraltar specific requirements.

The team is often engaged in the recovery of domain names for clients and boasts a high success rate in this regard.

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