Setting up a Business in Gibraltar

When setting up a business, we can help from legislation to licensing, so you can focus on doing what you love most.

Together with our sister company, Fiduciary Group, we will help you through every step of setting up your business, from registration to filing your first set of returns and beyond. We will guide you through the processes of licensing and regulations, accounting, financial management, and compliance, ensuring your pathways to success are clear.

Our team will help you to navigate the complex landscape of regulation to ensure that your business is fully compliant and free to forge a successful future, as well as facilitate the day-to-day elements of employment including running a payroll system and ensuring taxes and insurances are paid.

ISOLAS understands that the dynamic nature of corporate law requires a dynamic legal service. The team has a breadth of experience highlighting its ability to identify client’s requirements adopting a proactive approach across numerous the spectrum of financial products. In addition to this, the team is well versed in a variety of complex transnational, from the micro to the macro.


Gibraltar Private Limited Company Handbook

As part of its commitment to keep all clients up-to-date with the latest information, ISOLAS LLP has produced an updated version of its popular guide to the Companies Act in Gibraltar.

The Companies Act is a comprehensive and instrumental piece of legislation for all businesses in Gibraltar. Covering all aspects of company law, from understanding the directors’ legal duties, to shareholder engagement, the Act ultimately controls the formation, operation and dissolution of local companies.

The handbook provides an overview of elements of the law that impact private limited companies, ensuring businesses have all of the information to run their business as efficiently as possible. Included is a guide to corporate structures, incorporating a company, establishing a branch in Gibraltar and taxation, among many others. (For a copy of the guide, please contact

“We understand that legislation can often be overwhelming, especially for those looking to move their business to Gibraltar and aren’t familiar with the jurisdiction.”