Property & Conveyancing

Property remains one of the most secure and widely sought assets in the world, critical to the global economic landscape. Gibraltar is no different.

ISOLAS’ conveyancing team has vast experience in dealing with both residential and commercial properties and commercial and residential mortgages, able to act for either seller, purchaser, lending institution or borrower (as the case may be).

The team have represented numerous clients in the purchasing and selling of properties and/or lending institutions with respect to the same, throughout Gibraltar, ranging from low-cost housing projects partly financed by the Government of Gibraltar through to high-end luxury accommodation. Clients are provided with a professional, friendly, and efficient service which will ensure that their transaction proceeds as smoothly as possible from the initial stages up to completion.


ISOLAS’ conveyancing team has ample experience in dealing with commercial premises, including but not limited to the mortgaging, licensing, purchasing, sub-letting and selling of the premises and in advising clients on leases. Having drawn up and dealt with leases for most major commercial complexes in Gibraltar, the conveyancing team has extensive knowledge in this area and is able to advise clients on any matter which might arise.


Costs to Be Aware Of

Some of the costs that clients will be required to meet and should therefore keep in mind are:

  • Stamp duty on new title documentation and mortgages;
  • Registration costs of new title documentation and any deeds registered at the land registry;
  • Property search fees;
  • Sealing fees; and
  • Approval fees

To find out more, visit our FAQ page here.

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