Immigration Lawyers

Gibraltar is a leading destination for large international companies and start-ups alike, which has caused a healthy demand for highly skilled workers and their families from around the world. We understand the need for experienced talent to drive your business forward, separating it from the rest.

Gibraltar Immigration Lawyers

Our immigration lawyers guide and advise clients on immigration matters from entry requirements and exceptions to immigration offences to ensure companies have a seamless approach for onboarding international employees or enabling a hassle-free visit when coming to Gibraltar for meetings and conferences. ISOLAS’ dedicated immigration experts know the importance of recruiting the right people with the right skills and pride themselves on assisting clients by facilitating employees’ entry to live and work in Gibraltar through their understanding of the legal issues involved.


Our immigration team works with a range of individuals, from key workers to High Net Worth Individuals, on a range of residency and registration requirements, including:

  • Work permit applications
  • Highly skilled workers
  • Category 2 status (Cat 2)
  • Higher Executive Possessing Specialist Skills (HEPSS)
  • Visa applications (long and short stay)

Complex issues

We also provide legal advice and opinions on a range of more complex immigration issues, such as:

  • Immigration offences
  • Naturalisation applications


Examples of our work include:

  • Advising small and large companies on the process and procedures for obtaining work permits and visas for employees
  • Applications for short term visas to enable participation in International Conferences held in Gibraltar
  • Providing advice to companies accused of immigration offences
  • Assisting with the movement and registrations of Cat 2, HNWI, HEPSS and highly skilled workers

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