First Gibraltar Ship Arrest Symposium

10/01/2012 Christian Hernandez

The first of its kind in the jurisdiction, the symposium will focus on ship arrest activity internationally as well as in Gibraltar, debt recovery and injunctive relief as well as ship arrest in Spain, a topic which will be covered by a guest speaker, Dr Felipe Arizon. The symposium is targeted not only at the local shipping industry but also international shipping companies and aims to provide delegates with a more comprehensive understanding of the legal options available in the event of a dispute with clients and contractors alike. Christian Hernandez, Partner in charge of shipping at ISOLAS, commented that ‘it’s important for local and international players to understand the options available when there is a breakdown in commercial relationships and/or breaches of contractual obligations. It is for this reason and the international reach of maritime activity here in Gibraltar, that ISOLAS felt this was an ideal opportunity to introduce a discussion of the options available in Spain as, inevitably, the need may arise to pursue a vessel abroad, particularly in Spain.’ Mr Hernandez was pleased that Dr Arizon had graciously accepted the invitation to speak at the event.

Dr. Arizon is the head of the shipping and trade team at Arizon Abogados S.L.P. Felipe frequently acts before Spanish Courts; High Courts; Appeal Courts, and Supreme Courts. He has been a Visiting Scholar at the University of Tulane-New Orleans, U.S. Dr. Arizon acts as well before many international and domestic arbitration forums including ICC, Gafta, Fosfa, CAP and RSA. He is regular contributor to various international and Spanish publications in the field of commercial law, carriage of goods, insurance and arrest of ships. He is a regular contributor to the Lloyd’s List of London as well as to many other publications.

The discussion on Practical aspects of ship arrest internationally and in Gibraltar will be led by Christian Hernandez whilst Elliott Phillips, a litigation partner, will be talking about debt recovery generally and injunctive relief.

ISOLAS is proud to lead the way with this event and will shortly be contacting local business leaders with more information about the event, registration and the subjects to be covered. If you wish to be included, please do not hesitate to contact Christian Hernandez at for further information

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