Partner and Head of Shipping at ISOLAS LLP Christian Hernandez, together with Senior Associate Michael Adamberry took part in this week’s Maritime Week Gibraltar conference.

29/06/2023 Christian Hernandez, Michael Adamberry

Partner and Head of Shipping at ISOLAS LLP Christian Hernandez, acknowledged as a leading lawyer in Gibraltar and internationally as a ‘Hall of Fame’ lawyer in the Legal500 in the field of Admiralty and Shipping law, together with Senior Associate Michael Adamberry, recently recognised as a ‘Rising Star’ in the Legal500, took part in this week’s Maritime Week Gibraltar conference.

In collaboration with Petrospot Ltd, the Gibraltar Port Authority, HM Government of Gibraltar and a number of local organisations once again came together to promote Gibraltar’s Maritime sector at an international level.

The event came to highlight Gibraltar’s maritime legal, financial, and insurance expertise by calling into discussion the leading issues in the international Shipping and Maritime industries. Participants enjoyed a wide range of discussions on a host of topics, such as the bunkering sector, the fast-growing industry of yachts and superyachts, among others. This year also saw a sharp focus on sustainability and fuels of the future.

The organisers also arranged courses in Ship & Yacht Registration and Alternative Fuels, as well as a number of technical site visits and visits to bunker barges and Navy vessels in the port.

One of the expert panel sessions of the week was dedicated to the legal issues in Shipping where Christian Hernandez gave a real in-depth analysis of the market; sharing his expertise, and highlighting Gibraltar’s appeal as a jurisdiction of choice for efficiency in ship arrests, citing the speed at which admiralty actions can be effectively progressed and concluded in comparison to other jurisdictions.

Michael Adamberry presented a breakout session which delved further into ship arrests, covering the political and legal system in Gibraltar, the arrest process, private judicial sales, public auctions, and Gibraltar as both an owner & claimant friendly jurisdiction.

Christian Hernandez said “This week of events really showcases Gibraltar as a leading maritime jurisdiction, and we’re delighted to have been a part of it once again. It allows us to reflect on the major issues facing the industry, while also looking ahead to the future of sustainable shipping. Gibraltar has a thriving maritime industry, and offers one of the most efficient ship arrest procedures anywhere in the world.



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