Senior Partner The Hon Albert J Isola Returns

01/11/2023 The Hon Albert J Isola CBE

ISOLAS LLP, Gibraltar’s leading law firm, is delighted to announce the return of Senior Partner the Hon Albert Isola to the firm after 10 years serving as a Minister with His Majesty’s Government of Gibraltar in a number of portfolios including over the entire period as Minister for Financial Services and Gaming.

Albert’s notable achievements include the establishment of the Gibraltar International Bank, and the Legislative Reform Programme which led to the Financial Services Act of 2019. He has also worked closely with HMT in the creation of GAR, under which the Gibraltar financial services industry obtains access to the UK financial services market. In addition, he has for several years been working with the Gambling regulator and local gaming law experts on developing a new legislative framework to protect and enhance Gibraltar’s gaming potential.

Albert brings a wealth of experience and expertise to ISOLAS LLP, having served over his time in different Ministries including as Minister for Financial Services and Gaming, Digital Services, Commerce and the Port, Town Planning, Broadcasting, Public Utilities and Health & Care. He is a highly respected figure in the Gibraltar business community and has a deep understanding of the legal and regulatory challenges facing businesses in Gibraltar and internationally.

Albert rejoins the ISOLAS LLP Financial Services Team, where he will contribute to the firm’s growing expertise in these areas. He will also be working closely with the firm’s other practice areas to provide clients with a comprehensive and integrated legal service.

Commenting on his return to ISOLAS LLP, Albert said:

“I am delighted to be returning home to ISOLAS LLP after a very rewarding and challenging period in Government. I am hugely proud of the work our team has undertaken in Government this past decade under the leadership of my friend the Hon Fabian Picardo and I am looking forward to working with my colleagues here to provide our clients with the highest quality legal advice and representation. I am also committed to playing a leading role in the promotion and continued growth of Gibraltar’s industry and of course ISOLAS LLP as a leading international law firm.”

Peter Isola, Senior Partner, ISOLAS LLP said:

“We are thrilled to welcome Albert back to ISOLAS. He is a highly respected and accomplished individual with huge legal experience and knowledge. We are delighted to have him back and have no doubt he will significantly strengthen our firm and enhance our reputation and growth. His knowledge and experience are unparalleled and his insight invaluable.”

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