Bitcoin Client RSK Merges With New RIF Labs


“Bitcoin-built smart contract platform RSK (a.k.a. Rootstock) is merging with an offshoot established by its founders. The partnership will allow it to spread its roots to Ethereum — and beyond.

The company has been acquired by RIF Labs, a development lab that was established by a handful of RSK’s own founders, including CEO Diego Gutierrez-Zaldivar and Chief Scientist Sergio Demian Lerner, who will both assume the same roles at RIF.

“The RIF Labs founders also comprised renowned professionals with decades of experience in the financial and legal realms such as Alex Aberg Cobo (RIF’s CFO), Malcolm Pale and Joey Garcia (Advisors),” according to Gutierrez-Zaldivar.”

Joey Garcia and the team are very happy to be involved in supporting the RSK and RIF Labs team in the launch of their new project in Gibraltar and to welcome the great news on this announcement.

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