20/03/2024 Adrian Pilcher, Stuart Dalmedo, Louise Anne Turnock

ISOLAS LLP Partners Adrian Pilcher, Stuart Dalmedo, and Associate Louise-Anne Turnock, have contributed to the latest edition of Chambers Corporate Tax Global Practice Guide.

This guide by Chambers & Partners, a respected legal publisher, offers a comprehensive overview of tax laws across 45 jurisdictions, providing the latest legal information on various tax topics, including:

  • The different types of business structures allowed in each jurisdiction
  • Special tax incentives offered by different countries
  • How companies can group their subsidiaries for tax purposes
  • Individual and corporate tax rates
  • Withholding taxes applied to dividends or interest payments
  • Tax treaties between countries to avoid double taxation
  • Transfer pricing rules to ensure fair pricing between related companies
  • Anti-avoidance measures to prevent tax loopholes
  • How countries address base erosion and profit shifting (BEPS) practices

Authored by ISOLAS legal tax team, the Gibraltar chapter delves into the legalities of taxation within the territory. It provides a comprehensive overview of tax regulations relevant to both local and foreign entities.

Stuart Dalmedo, Partner at ISOLAS LLP, said: “ISOLAS is proud to continue sharing its in-depth tax expertise through the latest Chambers Global Practice Guide. This information will undoubtedly be a valuable resource for those considering establishing a presence or conducting business in Gibraltar”.

The full Gibraltar chapter in the 2024 Chambers Corporate Tax Global Practice Guide can be read here

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