ISOLAS Congratulates MH Bland on the Approval of the New Cable Car Project

06/11/2020 James Montado, The Hon Neil F Costa

Partners James Montado and Neil Costa

On Thursday 29 October, plans by MH Bland for the new cable car project were approved by the Development and Planning Commission (DPC).  ISOLAS is delighted to have formed part of the team that sought the green light for this project, which represents a significant private investment by the Gaggero family in Gibraltar’s tourism product.

ISOLAS’ partners James Montado and Neil Costa took the lead in preparing and presenting the application to the DPC, coordinating with stakeholders and ensuring any environmental, heritage, ornithological, legal and other concerns in terms of planning and process were met and dealt with effectively.

George Gaggero, Deputy Chairman of the MH Bland Group of Companies, stated that due to a steady rise in tourism since the opening of the frontier, the demands of the modern traveller had outgrown the current cable car and its facilities since its inception in 1966.

The granting of the new cable car application has highlighted MH Bland’s investment in sustainable tourism and demonstrates the continued confidence in the Rock’s tourism sector despite the many challenges brought about by COVID-19 this year.

Partner James Montado commented: “The current cable car was instrumental in opening up the Upper Rock to locals and visitors alike when it opened in 1966. We were delighted to work with MH Bland and the Gaggero family in presenting this challenging and exciting project to the Development and Planning Commission who unanimously approved the application and I have every confidence that the project will be an overwhelming success.”

Partner Neil Costa added: “ISOLAS are very pleased to represent MH Bland in this ambitious, environmentally sustainable, and heritage sensitive tourist project that will undoubtedly prove a hugely welcome attraction to our community and tourists alike. Personally, I am proud to have assisted a local family business that has demonstrated time and again a deep personal commitment to Gibraltar’s success story and which will produce a new product that will constitute a truly environmentally sustainable project.”

For more information on the cable car, visit the MH Bland website here

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