Gibraltar: Online Sports Betting Report

06/07/2020 Steven Caetano

ISOLAS LLP Sports Law Partner Steven Caetano and Legal assistant Paul Morello have contributed to the Sports Law and Taxation report, with a useful overview on Gibraltar: Online sports betting. First published in the June edition of (

Discussing The legal and regulatory framework; Gaming tax; Football related rules and regulations amongst others.

As in all areas of life Covid-19 has had a huge impact on sport throughout the world. Many major sporting events from football, tennis and rugby have been cancelled or postponed including the 2020 Olympic Games which were due to take place in Tokyo, Japan in July and August. While sports fans face disappointment at seeing their heroes compete, financial losses faced by organisations look to run into millions of pounds. Revenue from tickets, sponsorships, media rights and corporate hospitality suddenly disappeared.

Discover the full impact in the guide, available here.

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