Gibraltar International Bank Opens For Business


The Gibraltar International Bank is now open for business. In announcing the launch of the new Bank Chief Minister Fabian Picardo said: “I am delighted that today we have taken an enormous step forward in delivering what different administrations have sought to achieve for many years.

I am excited that GIB will be a modern, innovative institution designed to meet the needs of our Community, licensed and regulated by our Financial Services Commission and independently managed by banking professionals providing an excellent service to its customers.

The Chief Executive Officer, Lawrence Podesta, says the staff of 62 is comprised of top professionals, who have worked towards developing all the bank’s systems over the past year. he GIB is set up as a retail bank, and will offer services including current accounts, savings accounts, loans and mortgages, with credit cards also expected to be available in a couple of months’ time.

Full online banking facilities will also be made available soon, with the bank having already accepted close to 3,000 online account applications prior to the inauguration of the new premises situated at Ince’s House, 310 Main Street.

Those who have signed up for accounts can access these at the bank or online from Tuesday. Since the bank started accepting online applications last year, around 3,000 accounts have been opened.

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