Employee Mental Wellbeing & the Modern Office

17/10/2019 Marcus Killick OBE

ISOLAS CEO puts employee Mental Wellbeing at the forefront of modern office management

Marcus Killick OBE, CEO of the law firm ISOLAS LLP, will be speaking at the ‘Working Minds’ event at Gibraltar’s World Trade Centre on the 23rd October.

The event, organised by wellbeing consultancy Auxilium, aims to raise awareness of mental wellbeing in the workplace and the implementation of mental health schemes across Gibraltar.

Showcasing the work of firms like ISOLAS, the event will feature a panel discussion touching on various mental health programmes used by businesses. They will also discuss the root causes of the global ‘mental health crisis’, using people’s personal experiences to show how the fast-paced world of work effects people’s emotional wellbeing.

Proceeds from ticket sales will go to CYE-CYL, a local charity, supporting young people in Gibraltar with the development of their personal and interpersonal skills, collaboration, learning and self-development, inspiring young people to reach their full potential.

Marcus said: “Mental wellbeing is a vital issue, not just in the workplace but across our society. I believe it is the responsibility of every company and their senior management team to put employee mental wellbeing at the forefront, ensuring all staff receive the same support for their mental health that they would for their physical health.

“At ISOLAS we recognise this as an important issue and we urge other companies to do the same.  Doing so further enhances Gibraltar’s excellent record in supporting people achieve their maximum potential.”

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