The Populist Attack on Globalisation and its Threat to Smaller IFCs

02/01/2019 Marcus Killick OBE

A survey suggests that people with higher childhood IQ scores tend to be economically conservative and less likely to blame foreigners or support income redistribution. However, the rise of populist movements challenges the influence of intelligence on economic perspectives. International Financial Centres (IFCs) face threats from capital flow restrictions and tariffs, which harm global trade and diminish the need for their services. Increased transparency has also reduced IFCs’ appeal as safe havens. Protectionist agendas are a further threat to IFCs by hindering global trade. To survive, IFCs must adapt to new market dynamics and support different trade flows.

Read the article: Barbarians at the Gate – The populist Attack on Globalisation and its Threat to Smaller IFCs

(Article first published in the IFC Review, 2019.)

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