“Hoppy” – Pioneering E-scooter Rental Scheme

04/09/2023 Stuart Dalmedo, Nicholas Isola, Louise Anne Turnock

ISOLAS LLP Acts for Eco-Friendly Mobility provider “Hoppy” on Pioneering E-scooter Rental Scheme in Gibraltar

ISOLAS LLP is delighted to announce its role in assisting Hoppy Mobility Limited, a Gibraltar company which forms part of the Hoppy group of companies, with operations in Belgium, Spain and Greece, and successfully introducing its green mobility scheme to Gibraltar.

Working collaboratively with Hoppy, the team at ISOLAS, led by Partner Stuart Dalmedo and comprising Senior Associate Nick Isola, Associate Louise Anne Turnock and other team members, has helped secure crucial licensing to bring a new environmentally-friendly transportation option to Gibraltar consisting of a fleet in Gibraltar of over 150 e-scooters to be found at the newly demarcated e-scooter and bicycle hubs/bays across Gibraltar.

As part of this initiative ISOLAS actively engaged with various stakeholders in Gibraltar, playing a pivotal role in order to successfully incorporate the first e-scooter rental service in Gibraltar.

The achievement of this milestone further solidifies Gibraltar’s position as a forward-thinking jurisdiction with a clear environmental focus.

ISOLAS has advised Hoppy to assist with implementing measures to adhere to the Personal Light Electric Transporters Act 2023, including and in addition to the other safety measures, its app-controlled ‘Helmet Lock’, providing riders with protective headgear before riding, automatic lighting, and imposing an integrated speed limit of 25 km/h.

ISOLAS is pleased to have facilitated the implementation of an additional public transportation option for both residents and tourists, and proudly supports Hoppy’s visionary mission to combat declining air quality, alleviate traffic congestion, and enhance urban mobility.

ISOLAS Partner Stuart Dalmedo said “We are delighted to have assisted Hoppy with their mission to bring eco-friendly and shared urban transport to Gibraltar. ISOLAS aims to remain at the cutting edge of the legal industry by finding solutions for exciting new initiatives such as Hoppy’s. This partnership showcases the power of innovation and collaboration in addressing pressing urban challenges, and we commend Hoppy for their dedication to sustainability and rider safety.”

Hoppy CEO Kenny Vercruysse added: “We are incredibly grateful to the team at ISOLAS for their diligence in navigating us through Gibraltar’s regulatory landscape in order to successfully secure this progressive licence. We are committed to shared and sustainable transportation solutions, and are delighted to be offering a clean, efficient, and exciting mode of transportation to Gibraltar to add to their tourist offerings and foster sustainable urban development.”

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