Inclusion & diversity

As part of our social commitment, we aim to promote physical and mental wellbeing, diversity and inclusion. We recognise that amongst other factors, satisfaction among clients, stakeholders, and employees is also an important metric.

We are committed to delivering equal opportunities to all current and prospective employees at our firm. We value what makes each person unique, and we understand diversity is more than skin-deep: it includes how we think, our experiences, our views, and our values. Generating a diverse pool of talent is at the forefront of our success, enabling us to best serve our clients and accommodate their needs. Therefore, we are committed to engaging with our staff to provide a dynamic, inclusive, and diverse work environment that supports their professional development and where all talents can thrive. We also promote a good work-life balance that prioritises the overall health and wellness of our staff.

We have promoted diversity with regular visits and talks from locals who have generously given some of their time to help us raise our awareness of different experiences from individual members of our society. This has included talks and seminars on cerebral palsy, wheelchair usage, sign language training, disability awareness and Alzheimer’s awareness.

We are also committed to ongoing self-evaluation on the question of diversity. The firm recently conducted a diversity survey for all lawyers to create awareness on diversity and inclusion and to ensure that diversity and inclusion values filter through all levels of the firm.

Other ESG aspects: