ISOLAS Team consider the new Fair Trading Act 2023 for Members of the GFSB.

19/01/2024 Stuart Dalmedo, Louise Anne Turnock

ISOLAS Partner and Associate, Stuart Dalmedo and Louise Anne Turnock took to the stage to review the intricacies of the Fair Trading Act 2023 for members of the Gibraltar Federation of Small Businesses (GFSB). The Act, which has been in effect since October 2023, has brought about significant changes impacting businesses across the Rock, and understanding its nuances was paramount for the GFSB’s membership. The presentation provided a succinct overview of the Act’s key objectives.

The GFSB members were eager to engage, asking the speakers questions throughout the session. Concerns ranged from the practical implementation of specific provisions to the potential impact on existing business models and policing. The ISOLAS team addressed every question demonstrating their in-depth knowledge of the Act and its intricacies.

This event exemplified ISOLAS’ commitment to supporting Gibraltar’s business community. ISOLAS stands ready to provide its clients with the expertise and support they need to thrive in the new era of consumer protection and fair trade.

We would like to thank the GFSB for the opportunity to present to their membership.

If you have any questions or want to know more please contact Stuart at or Louise Anne at


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