30/06/2023 Adrian Pilcher, Stuart Dalmedo, Louise Anne Turnock

ISOLAS LLP Partners Adrian Pilcher and Stuart Dalmedo together with Associates Jake Collado and Louise-Anne Turnock have contributed to the Chambers Global Practice Guides on Corporate Governance.

Corporate Governance 2023 provides the latest legal information on environmental, social and governance (ESG) considerations; decision-making processes; board structure and composition; legal duties of directors/officers; the role of shareholders; corporate reporting; and audit, risk and internal controls.

The Gibraltar chapter under the Law and Practice Q&A section offers legal insight required to make practical business decisions. Adrian, Stuart, Jake and Louise-Anne address a number of questions pertaining to ESG, including rules and requirements for companies and financial reporting requirements.

Partner Adrian Pilcher commented: “We are delighted to have contributed to the Chambers Guide on Corporate Governance. We hope the Gibraltar chapter successfully addresses any concerns or queries on the practices and processes surrounding corporate entities within this jurisdiction. If there are any further points you would like to seek advice on, our team are on hand.”

View the full guide by clicking here


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