International Tax Conference asks, ‘Technology: Friend or Foe’?

15/03/2020 Stuart Dalmedo

-Tax and DLT specialist Stuart Dalmedo represented ISOLAS at the international event –

Stuart Dalmedo, a Senior Associate at ISOLAS LLP, attended the AIJA International Association of Young Lawyers annual tax conference in Malta.

The conference, that took place last week (5-7 March), was based around the question, “Keeping up with the tech in taxation – is technology a friend or foe for taxpayers and tax practitioners?”

The conference also included a seminar on the evolving landscape of DLT and crypto taxation for individuals and institutions.

AIJA is the only global association devoted to lawyers and in-house counsel aged 45 and under. Since 1962 AIJA provides outstanding international opportunities for young lawyers to network, learn and develop. AIJA currently has 4,000 members and supporters in 90 different countries.

Stuart’s continues to develop the firms’ tax practice, focussing on tax-efficient structures and cross border tax planning, as well as the future of taxation and how developments such as DLT will impact on the sector. 

Stuart Dalmedo said: “The conference was extremely useful and it was particularly interesting to look at several technological developments covering different topics, such as the use of Big Data and AI in tax practice and tax administration, the impact of technology on taxpayer privacy and the role of tax practitioners.

“It was also interesting to look at the role of taxation of cryptocurrencies and blockchain in addition to the latest developments in the taxation of the digital economy. It was certainly very interesting to look at the various technology developments and consider how Gibraltar has, or can, implement some of these technologies within the field of taxation.

“It is important that we, as a firm, attend events like these. Being part of the global conversation in fast-changing sectors remains very important when delivering the best in jurisdiction service that we provide to our clients.”

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