White-Collar Crime and Money Laundering

11/06/2008 Marcus Killick OBE

The article delves into the issue of wilful blindness to criminal activities, particularly in the context of white-collar crime and money laundering. Drawing an analogy with the henchmen in Bond movies who might be oblivious to their villainous roles, Marcus Killick highlights how individuals, including lawyers, company managers, trustees, and bankers, can turn a blind eye to suspicious activities conducted by their clients. The article stresses that professionals who ignore clues or provide services without due diligence are committing criminal offences and are at risk of prosecution. Killick also discusses Gibraltar’s Anti Money Laundering Guidance Notes, which aim to encourage common-sense approaches to combating money laundering while preserving the jurisdiction’s reputation.

Read the article: If it doesn’t feel like a crime then surely it isn’t!

(Article first published in Gibraltar International, 2008.)

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