A Full-Service Offshore Financial Centre: The Isle of Man

18/05/1997 Marcus Killick OBE

Full-service offshore financial centre

This article was written by Marcus Killick for The Middle East Relocation Yearbook, distributed to British nationals relocating to the Middle East for employment purposes. Subjects covered in the yearbook included offshore investment, tax, healthcare, and education.

Killick highlights the Isle of Man as a full-service jurisdiction and an attractive offshore financial centre. It provides an overview of the island’s geography, political structure, and autonomy.

He emphasises the special relationship between the Isle of Man and the European Community, highlighting its position outside the EU for financial services. Taxation, financial services, regulation, investor protection, and corporate/trust vehicles are discussed.

The article underscores the island’s commitment to high regulatory standards, investor/depositor protection, and efficient tax planning.

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(Article first published in The Middle East Relocation Yearbook, April 1997.)

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