When the smoke clears – the changing economic landscape

04/02/2009 Marcus Killick OBE

In the face of ongoing economic challenges, it is essential to prepare for the eventual resurgence of economic growth. This article explores the transformed financial landscape, marked by the disappearance of established institutions and shifts in investor sentiment. The Gibraltar Financial Services Commission (FSC) has proactively adapted to this new reality by constraining budgetary expenditures, revamping regulatory approaches, and emphasizing the role of transparency in financial products. As international regulatory standards evolve, the FSC collaborates with fellow regulators to create a coordinated supervisory framework, recognizing the increasing threat of cross-border fraud. While navigating these turbulent times, the article underscores the belief that, just as the last boom couldn’t last forever, this recession will eventually recede, and prudent preparations will pave the way for a more resilient future.

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(Article first published in The Gibraltar Magazine, 2009.)

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